Long Distance Girl

No, this is not an essay about running. Although it might be given that it involves escaping commitment. I am a girl who frequently finds herself in long distance relationships. So much so that l have come to love them. I like the idea of speaking on the phone for hours, it gives me the desired intimacy without taking away the comfort of my personal space. I have become a slave to my personal space.

I love my boyfriend so much because he is such a good guy but that is not the only main reason for my love for him. I am so taken with him because he lives in another province, more than three hundred kilometres from me. These metres of road and open land keep me very content and satisfied with the relationship. They give me peace of mind and even more importantly keep me excited to talk to my boyfriend which makes him happy and satisfied too (I hope).

But even in long distance relationships there comes a time when phone calls and photos no longer suffice to keep the loneliness at bay. This is when things usually begin to fall apart. I don’t know if it’s the snoring at night or the calls from colleagues and friends or the unexpected kisses, but in the midst of all this I find myself desperately longing for that long distance.

I have always liked being independent and choosing what is right for me but in relationship you have to consider the other person in your decisions. There needs to be a compromise between personal space and companionship. But for now as the Long Distance Girl, I get to have it both ways.



Author: moresunshinethisway

I am a girl looking for some sunshine in the world. Also I love 2 broke girls and I struggle with making eye contact. I am working on changing the latter.

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