I Sleep Write

I sleep write. It has only  happened once so I don’t know if that’s enough times to make a diagnosis. According to articles and forums on Google it is a condition which is usually a symptom of sleepwalking. It is said to be stress induced which is very accurate in my case. When I woke up I vaguely remembered having written something on my phone but I also had a feeling it had happened in a dream. When I opened my notes app, there it was a clear sentence I had typed out just a few minutes after 2am. I was immediately overcome with fear and anxiety. The sleep walking connection was especially scary because of the shocking stories of sleepwalkers doing reckless things ( driving in the wrong lane) which they later did not remember. I don’t think these emotions will help to alleviate the condition. The idea that I can be awake with a “sleeping” brain is very hard to comprehend. I thought I should write about it in case someone else has also experienced it.