Something to look forward to

I have decided that the key to my daily happiness is having something to look forward to.  Sometimes it’s as simple as knowing my sister is on a school recess and I will have a jogging buddy for a few weeks and some days it’s getting an idea of something to write about. In university a friend of mine used to make fun of me for this because the something to look forward to was usually food. I, like most people love food, however, being a township girl and having been raised the way I was, did not have much exposure to different foods.

I once spent months calling anyone who annoyed me a goulash when I first learned about the dish. I’ll admit when I first ordered it and with no clue what it was, I assumed it was something fancy and that gave me something to be excited about. So imagine  my disappointment when I received my plate from the cafeteria lady and I  discovered it was just a variation of beef stew. The interesting name had not lived up to my expectations, however, now I had a funny way of resolving disagreements with friends. I  can’t think of a situation where “Your face is a goulash” wasn’t an effective conflict ending comeback.

In high school I was excited about getting back graded tests because I almost always scored above average. These days I look forward to getting doughnuts on Sunday afternoons. My sister usually goes to the mall after church to get them. So now Sundays have become my favourite day of the week and for a reason most people would never expect or approve.

I have always known about dates but had never had them until only recently. They have joined my list of  favourite dried fruit, they are right up there with raisins. I even looked up  how to grow them but the process seemed too complicated for my small garden. Speaking of my garden, another thing  I look forward to now is checking up on my seeds to see if anything is shooting out of the ground. The anticipation is enough to keep me smiling until I fall asleep some nights.

This way of thinking is definitely keeping me happy because I spot the opportunities that keep fueling my sunshine.



More Sunshine This Way Please

I love writing but not as much as I love reading other people’s work. So I am trying to improve my writing by using what I have learnt from reading. I struggle with finding the right adjectives so please bear with me as I navigate my way through that. Another hurdle is the fact that English is not my Home language nor did I study English as a First language in high school. With that said, I invite you into my journey of writing as I go through life.

My life has hit a bit of a pause since I graduated from university but I find myself exploring new things as I go through my venture of getting more Sunshine in my life. I am to take on gardening, fitness and trading among other things. I also know people who have invited me to come along their journeys of acquiring their Sunshine. I will be putting my developing writing skills into documenting that too.